Registration of IYPT2019 Celebration Symposium

Welcome to the early-bird registration site for the IYPT2019 Memorial Symposium ("Celebration Ceremony in Japan"), which will be held on February 23, 2019. The maximum available seats at the auditorium is 300. Thereby, the entrance is limited only to those who have preliminary registered to this symposium. Please make sure to register beforehand. We ask you for your kind cooperation.

Please visit the registration site from the following button, fill in the form requested, and press the send button. Once your online registration has successfully completed, you will receive an acceptance e-mail automatically generated by our web registration system. If you do not receive any e-mail automatically initiated by the web system (Google e-mail system), please redo all the registration processes at the same registration site. Please also check if there is any messages from us within your junk folder in case you do not get any information from us. More importantly, when you attend this symposium on February 23, 2019, please bring a printed sheet of the e-mail confirmation letter from us so that we will be able to confirm your registration at the reception.

IYPT2019 Memorial Symposium